Deep Link to article within ticket


  • Used Zammad version: 3.1
  • Used Zammad installation source:
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS
  • Browser + version: Chrome 77
  • Elasticsearch: 7.3.2
  • PostgreSQL: 10.10

Expected behavior:

  • be able to “deep link” to specific articles within ticket view as shown in mockup below.

URL could be

#{config.fqdn}/#ticket/zoom/#{}/#{} ???

Actual behavior:

  • currently I cant find an option to specifically point an agent to an article or reference to an article from somewhere else. This can become problematic when tickets reach several dozen articles and you want to point a fellow agent to something “up there”. The highlights (yellow, blue etc.) help but are not specific and intuitive enough.

There is an stored in SQL and in Elasticsearch. I think the ability to scroll to certain article is given in /app/assets/javascripts/app/controllers/ But I can not find the link to enable it

If this is already implemented, please point me to the correct URL and sorry for the question.


We need this feature too for posts.

There are tickets in work for month sometimes and we have to reference a post from weeks ago fort he next collegue to remark.

The marker is not helpful in this case.

Sorry but when opening a ticket, by default Zammad will jump to the most current article (so to the bottom). This shouldn’t just work when opening a ticket manually, but also when accessing it via an direct link.

Correct me if I’m wrong, it looks like the ticket articles already contain the information you’re looking for:

Yes it works as you described and the information is there.

What we would like to do however is directly jump to an article that is not the most recent one. Obviously we dont want to change the default behaviour (when linking without an article ID) but instead want to be able to directly open a specific article id within a ticket only when article ID is present in the URL.

Currently the links that are generated in the activity stream contain the article ID but if you open the link the viewer always scrolls to the bottom (newest) article.

What I would appreciate is:

#{config.fqdn}/#ticket/zoom/#{}/#{} behaves differently for different Currently the resulting view is always the same. You can check by creating a ticket and adding 5 notes. In the activity stream it will show you links with

When above functionality is there then I would like to see the “Deep link” button as described in my initial post. I think its an unobstrusive addition, but once you know its there at least our agents would greatly use that. Coming from OTRS this has been the number 1 requested feature in our organization due to the length of the conversations that sometimes happen.

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