Deactivate responses from Cortana

we currently have a problem where we get “email responses” from customers that have contacted us that contain messages from Cortana. This messes with our workflow as it re-opens already closed tickets and is just annoying as it also messes up the information flow in the tickets. Is there a way to easily deactivate the Cortana messages, or will I have to implement a custom trigger?

  • Used Zammad version: 4.1.x
  • Used Zammad installation type: no packages installed
  • Operating system: Windows
  • Browser + version: Firefox 90.0.2

Expected behavior:

  • I would like for Zammad to not show me these messages from Cortana as a “response” but recognize it as an automated system message and exclude it from my conversation stream

Actual behavior:

  • The Cortana message gets put in as if it was a response from my customer

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • it seems like that is an automated step from my customers’ side, it appears only for some customers (apparently the ones that have a “daily briefing” activated from Cortana) and only after initial contact. Response gets added to the respective ticket as if my customer tried to contact me

Hi @korton - Would it be possible to share a raw .eml file somehow? Would be interesting how these mails look and if we can detect them.

Dear Thorsten,

thank you for your reply - unfortunately I cannot do so on the spot as the ones we have gotten so far contain sensitive information.

I did, however (hopefully) find a solution to my problem. We have set up a custom email for our customers to receive support which would generate tickets from the emails we got for that inbox. Apparently the messages that we saw were the daily Cortana briefing that Microsoft supplies. Zammad would then assign this message to one of our tickets and thereby reopen it, but the email that we got as daily briefing were just displayed as plain HTML. So now I have just logged into that exchange account and unsubscribed from these briefings. Fingers crossed that will stop these messages.

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