Customize User Notifications


every user can choose which changes he wants to be informed about.

It is additionally possible to switch the notifications for individual groups on or off.

Is it possible to uncheck all groups by default?


The university manages the Zammad roles through an identity management system, which controls via conditions that members of a certain organizational unit are also members of an ActiveDirectory group. This group is then connected to a Zammad role via LDAP. For each organizational unit there are basically three Zammad roles (Customer, Agent, Management). The Agents role is authorized to process tickets in all groups. However, not all agents want to receive notifications about all tickets in all groups. So it would be great if an agent is allowed to work in all groups by default, but the limited groups can/must be defined independently.

cant completely understand what you want to achieve,

In my understanding in your screen shot all group are checked because you also check the full access in Roles.

Agent can work in different group even not giving full access you can check only read,create,change or overview.

need 1 group in notification and you can also set system only send notification to that agent if he/she is the owner of the ticket.

Maybe I didn’t describe well what I was trying to accomplish.
The screenshots were not intended as a description of the problem, but rather to show the reader which user setting I was talking about.

I basically want the notification checkboxes for new agents to be unchecked. After the first login every agent should choose the groups he wants to be notified about.

Here is a description in which file the settings for e-mail notifications can be edited.

Unfortunately I can’t find a file where I can set that all groups are unchecked by default.

I hope I have expressed myself a little better.

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You can’t because this checkbox is basically controlled by the full access permission to a group. If you give a user full access the checkbox is ticked, if you only give all the other rights without full access the box is not ticked.
What you want to do is edit the above mentioned file beginning around line 67 and change the notifications for “owned by nobody” to false so that new agents will only get notified about their own tickets by default and when they want to activate notifications for unassigned tickets they can then set the desired groups while they are at it.
But be careful and make a copy of this file after changing it because it gets overwritten during updates of zammad.

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