Customer unable to see ticket update from agent

when a customer create a ticket using the web channel and an agent update it, he is not able to see in the web interface the update from the agent.


  • Used Zammad version: 3.1
  • Used Zammad installation source: package
  • Operating system: debian 9
  • Browser + version: Firefox 70.0.1

Expected behavior:

when a customer create a ticket in the web interface and an agent reply to it, the customer should see in the web interface the update from the agent

Actual behavior:

a customer is able to create a ticket but unable to see reply form an agent

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

1- create a customer account
2- login with the customer account
3- create a ticket with the customer account
4- logout an login with an agent account
5- reply to the customer ticket and logout
6- login again with the customer account

Please provide a screenshot with blurred out information (we don’t need to read the text) so that we can see the article borders of the affected ticket.

make sure your note is sent in public

locked means internal - all agent can view the message for collaborations purposes
unlock means public all users agent and customer can view the message

you can set the default note in public in settings

kindly read the agent and admin documentation it will help.

thank you

thanks a lot I am now able to see the update from an agent as you can see in the screenshots :

I just have one last question :

can the customer also have a notification for an update in the web interface ? because right now he is able to see the update from the agent but without any notification.

Yes, this is done via Triggers.
I suggest you to take a look at the following doc:

Especially for “how to work on tickets”, the user documentation might be helpfull too:

Hi thanks for the links.
I have read those and try to apply them but I have not found a way to enable notification on the web interface. here are the only notifications available :

email and SMS, there is no WEB notification.

does anybody have an update on this question please ?

choose article - note
for web update

Hi when I used article - note it just had a note
this is not what I want
I want a notification ln the zammad icon for the customer :

That’s not possible technically.
Notifications are for your agents, not customers.

Ok but it would be interesting if a customer connected in the web interface can be notify when a ticket is updated.
Image that a customer has opened many tickets and he is currently not in a tab of an updated ticket, he cannot know that this ticket has been updated without moving to its tab.

It’s technically not possible. I understand your use case, but it only makes sense if the user is logged in right now (which we don’t control for customers).

Ok so if I understand well, right now zammad is not recording the login time and status of customers then it cannot implement this feature ?

For customer side notification, advise them that blinking ticket ring at the tab, means have a updated ticket, message from agent. etc…

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