Customer notification if ticket closed

I create an Trigger to notification the customer if an Ticket is closed:

But no emails is sending?

This is because you chose article type “E-Mail”. This requires the last article on close is an E-Mail the agent sends. That’s a bad idea in my opinion. if you need you can also filter that by groups . I’d remove type completly.

Also, make sure that the group the ticket gets closed in has a E-Mail-Adress assigned, other wise this will not work.

thanks you, it works

Sir @MrGeneration i successfully configured when the agent close the ticket the customer received email notification, How can i separate that if the customer is one updated the ticket to close .

Ex. Subject
Agent closed the ticket - We already closed your requets

Customer closed the ticket - You closed your own ticket

Thank you and more power


you would need two triggers and “Sender is [Customer|Agent]”.
I did not test this, it might be that Sender does not work on notes.

Is it at all possible to disable the ability for a customer to close their own ticket?

This is currently not possible, you could workaround this with a Trigger, but this might confuse your users more than needed and useful.

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