Customer note button next to text response doesn't seem to do anything

* Used Zammad version: 3.2.0-1578664361.375c4929
* Used Zammad installation source: Debian Package
* Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04
* Browser + version: Firefox 72.0.1

Expected behavior:

When the customer responds via the web interface, I’d expect the ‘note’ button to set whether the agent can see it:

Actual behavior:

The agent is able to see both messages, whether the note button is toggled or not:

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Customer sends message with note toggle selected
  2. Customer sends message with note toggle not selected
  3. Agent logs in
  4. Agent sees both messages
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Articles have the visibility internal / not internal attribute.
However, this setting decides if a customer can see the article or not.

The mentioned button does nothing have to do with visibility, but affects the article type only.
As customers within the UI only can create public note articles, you currently can’t select more.

Hiding answers / messages as a customer from agents is technically not possible.

However, I agree that this button is confusing and should vanish from the UI, what do you think @thorsteneckel ?

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Thanks for the info! So it essentially does nothing? Because the customer is posting the note, they’ll see it either way.

I agree it shouldn’t be there if that’s the case.

We would like customers to have the option to post private messages (as notes to themselves) - is that a possible feature request?

It’s a possible feature request, youn can post it in the feature category on this board.
However, the use case would be amazing as additional information on this post (personally I don’t see a reason, but I can’t possible see all use cases :slight_smile: )

Cool. Our agents use ‘private’ notes for a number of things including:

  • When we set the state to ‘pending reminder’, we also post a private note outlining the ‘next actions’ (e.g. “close case if we don’t hear back”, “reproduce error & respond” - helps to remind us of the plan, and makes passing cases around agents much smoother
  • Links to relevant material & internal references that the other side won’t be interested in / don’t have access to

I think the customers might enjoy some of this functionality, we often have cases which get put on hold for several weeks or months, so the notes serve as good internal references to summarise the case

I understand your use case, however, in my opinion it’s not part of your issue your customers can only select one note type. I might be wrong here though.

However, for the “I can select an article type, oh it’s just one” I’ve created an enhancement issue you can subscribe here, if you want to:

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