Customer help desk manager

This topic relates only to the abilities of the customer, not internal agents or admins.

We have a client that is rather large. Employees can files their own tickets. However the customer wants one or more mangers to oversee all the tickets for their company. By oversee I mean they want to be able to view tickets, aggregate the number of outstanding tickets, see their status and age, and report this information to their upper management. This is partially to flag requests that are beyond the terms of the contract. For example, they can ask us to order any part to replace something broken, so long as it is under $250. Are they staying under the monetary threshold? Was something really broken or did they order an extra item that deliberately accidentally went home with them?

What we are seeking is that customer employees can see and edit their own tickets only. So “shared” cannot be applied here. Customer managers can view (but not edit) tickets of all company employees.

Is this possible with Zammad 6.2?

Thank you.