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the options to modify ‘access to customer tickets’ in role management should be the same as they are for agents. Admins should be able to restrict specific customers or even organizations to create(, read, edit, …) tickets in designated groups. Maybe just use the same access matrix for both modules?

What do you think?

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Personally I think: Please, no.

You don’t want your customer to view groups like your agents can. If the customer could, you could completly forget about the “user” role completly.

By the way, what you want to do is already possible:
You can create a custom agents role with the rights your customer should have.
This is potentially a very bad idea, because the customer also gains access to your customers information.

Uhm, maybe you got me wrong or I get you wrong?

Customers should not be able to view groups like agents, but customer roles should have the option to restrict the groups where customer users are allowed to create tickets in.

We would use this feature to restrict certain customers to certain groups based on their organization. For example, Customer A is allowed to create tickets only in group IT, Customer B is allowed to create tickets in groups IT and Sales. But of course, if an agent later on moves those tickets to another group, the customer still has to be able to read and edit his own tickets.

At the moment, all customers can create tickets in all groups defined in admin -> channel -> web. The problem is: customers see more information/choices than they need, which could be confusing (“I want to create a ticket but I don’t know which group to use”).

I think this would help to keep things nice and easy for customers.

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Right now you already can limit the selection of groups for your customers. The field in Web-Channel configuration allows you to choose more than one group - I just verified that this is working.

You could use triggers for changing the group depending on the customer that creates the ticket. Customers will always see the tickets they created (I also verified this just now).

I’m aware that this might not be perfect. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback. Honestly I’m surprised, that this feature has not been requested more frequently (at github or this community board), as I assume most companies provide different services to different customers and they might want to have a strict separation aswell.

I understand your usecase.
Right now we are using zammad for different tasks like IT helpdesk, HR questions and Service Requests for caretakers.
Because every service is just for internal users up to now we had no need for your request.

But it´s coming up.
We are doing IT-support for some external sites that are belonging to us.
So they will create IT-Tickets with zammad.
But our HR staff and caretakers are not responsible for them.

So it would be useful, if the users that belong to that site don´t see the option for creating tickets for caretakers and HR.

This leads me to:
I agree! I would like to see that feature too.


Please vote the original post of this feature request, to make it easier for us to determine the need. :slight_smile:

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