Custom Sender Formats?


in Manage → Channels → Email → Settings there is an option “Sender Format”:

Defines how the From field of emails (sent from answers and email tickets) should look like.

It’s a select box with the following two possible options:

  • Agent Name + FromSeparator + System Address Display Name
  • System Address Display Name

This option defines what Zammad puts into the From header of outgoing mails. Agent Name is of course my name (e.g. Martin von Wittich), FromSeperator defaults to via, and System Address Display Name seems to be the display name of the configured e-mail address.

If set to the default “Agent Name + FromSeparator + System Address Display Name” and the display name of our e-mail address is e.g. “Support”, this would result in the following From header:

From: Martin von Wittich via Support <ourmail@company.tld>

I would like to set this to “Agent Name” only, but unfortunately the select box doesn’t allow this. Would it be possible to convert this select box to a text box that allows a custom format with placeholders, similar to the placeholders supported in the text modules? E.g.:

#{agent.firstname} #{agent.lastname} #{config.from_seperator} #{config.system_address_display_name}

Then I could change it to e.g.:

#{agent.firstname} #{agent.lastname}

(Beware that I’ve made all the placeholders up, they don’t exist in the text modules like this)


There’s a merge request that improves this :slight_smile:



We also stumbled upon this “issue” today. I like the idea with having a text box where the admin can use predefined text modules.
Should that be to complex and to prone to invalid text blocks being used my alternative suggestion would be to keep the base text modules: Agent Name + FromSeparator + System Address Display Name
but make it so the order is interchangeable.
This could be done with e.g. 3 drop downs called Element 1, Element 2 and Element 3.
Each drop down will have the options Agent Name, Form Separator, Sys Address Display Name and “-” as in empty string should one only want to use a single element, or two etc.

That way each Zammad setup can select a custom sequence made up of the already available Text Elements.
So possible combinations would be:
Agent Name + - + -
Sys Addr Name + Agent Name + -
Sys Addr + Form Separator + -

That way you get an option to customize the senders format while not risking any data integrity issues.
What do you think?

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