Custom API Webhook/Channel Package

Hey there,

Do i get it right, that there is no option for an custom API channel?
That is, if I want to send/receive data via REST API from another system and respond to the tickets created in this way (a custom API/webhook channel, so to speak) I have to write a separate packet?
In fact the same way as a trigger event sends it, only that you can reply automatically and not have to switch manually from note to something else.
I am not sure if I express myself understandably :slight_smile:

Has something like this ever been implemented by anyone else?

You can define an articles type without any issues.
This type technically doesn’t have to be note, but could also be e.g. phone which would allow you to use the “reply” button.

Above statement expects that your group configuration is correct and has a mail address configured.
See: Group Settings — Zammad documentation

If the default article types are not “good enough” for your use case, you’ll currently have to provide them manually by a custom package, yes.

I hope I could shed some light into your situation.

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