Currently no overview is assigned to your roles. Please contact your administrator

Here’s the problem. The users are syncronized via LDAP. No group assignment is made.
Furthermore 2 groups are set up in the system. Name how you call group A and group B. Now group A is to be assigned to a user and group B to a user. To realize this there are also two roles. The role A and the role B.
Both have full access to the respective group.
If you now give a user the role A, everything works as it should. The user only sees the group A. Everything works also the overview. If we now give the role B to the same user (but also to any other user), he gets the error message in the overview: Currently no overview is assigned to your roles. Please contact your administrator.

To narrow the whole thing down I gave both groups the role A and B in the second attempt. With the same result. User in role A sees both groups and also has an overview. User in role B sees the above error message again.
What else have I tested. Clearly still a new role…but same problem.

At the moment I really do not know. Does anyone have an idea or is that a bug?

Environment is Centos 7 with Zammad 3.2

Browser Firefox 70



Please provide screenshots of the affected overviews.
I’m sure that this is a configuration issue.

I did a little screen record once. I think this is more meaningful than screenshots.

Your screencast didn’t contain the overviews, anyway, I am sure that your overviews simply are missing your custom roles. For this, take a look into your overview(s):

Zammad does not add new roles automatically to your overviews, you have to do this manually.

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It was. :frowning:
Thank you very much!
I was assuming an automatism.
The ticket can be closed. Thank you!

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