Ctrl+Shift+t shortcut problematic in Firefox

Currently, Ctrl+Shift+t is mapped to “Enable/disable inline translations”.

Unfortunately, the same keyboard shortcut is used to reopen a closed tab in Firefox.

As a result, you’re unable to reopen a closed tab in Firefox while you’re on the Zammad tab.

I think it would be great if this shortcut gets remapped to something else.

There’s already an enhancement issue for this:

Is anything actually happening that, and is it really an “enhancement”? As far as I know, the only way to access a lot of functionality in Zammad, such as text formatting, is via these hotkeys so if they’re not working it’s a real road block.

There’s a lot of formatting I’m not able to do in Zammad because a lot of the shortcuts simply don’t work. For example, I can’t get unordered lists to work pressing CTRL+SHIFT+I in Chrome on Windows.

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