CTI outgoing calls integration


I ve set up CTI generic for incomming calls with asterisk.
everything is working as expected. An incoming call is shown and i can create a ticket.

Now I ve set up asterisk for outgoing calls.
I ve done the same setup as for incoming and i changed of course the direction to out.
If I try it manual with curl, I got no error.

root@pbx:~# curl -X POST --data "event=newCall&to=01732339918&from=491711234567890&direction=out&callId=156787613"

root@pbx:~# curl -X POST --data "event=answerd&to=01732339918&from=491711234567890&direction=out&callId=156787613"
{"error":"Unknown event \"neanswerdo=01732339918\""}

root@pbx:~# curl -X P^CT --data "event=neanswerdo=01732339918&from=491711234567890&direction=out&callId=156787613"

root@pbx:~# curl -X POST --data "event=answer&to=01732339918&from=491711234567890&direction=out&callId=156787613"

root@pbx:~# curl -X POST --data "event=hangup&to=01732339918&from=491711234567890&direction=out&callId=156787613"

but, I expected to see somesthing in call protokol, something like there is a new call an create a ticket as it is for incoming.

am I wrong?
and when i am wrong for what is outgoing used?

thank you

You seem to be using the endpoint / attributes a bit inccorect.
Actually ther’s no event answered, but only answer, hangup, reject, dial and newCall.

Normally Zammad will display outgoing calls as well, if they take place (connected). But I might be wrong here.

( fount here: https://docs.zammad.org/en/latest/cti-api-push.html )

Edit: After formatting your output I also noticed that sometimes you didn’t receive {} as it seems. This is very strange, because if you didn’t, this might mean that your request is absolutely broken. You might want to check your production log in that case.