CTI: how to disable the automatic ticket creation screen when accepting calls?


  • Used Zammad version: 3.1.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: docker-compose
  • Operating system: Debian 9
  • Browser + version: 76

Expected behavior:

  • When using the generic CTI integration, our agents don’t want Zammad to automatically open the ticket creation screen as soon as they accept a call. We create phone tickets only rarely, and it’s currently rather annoying for agents on hotline duty to keep closing these tabs all the time.
  • It should be possible to disable this automatic ticket creation screen. I’ve looked through the integration settings and the user settings, but I can’t find a way to disable this. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the CTI switch in the sidebar is enabled or not.

Actual behavior:

  • When an agent accepts a call, a ticket creation screen for this call automatically opens. I believe Zammad uses the username to map calls to the agent (we use firstname.lastname usernames everywhere) and so it knows which agent accepted which call.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Enable the generic CTI integration.
  • Ensure that the usernames pushed into the CTI integration match the agent usernames.
  • Push a call into the CTI integration and note that Zammad automatically opens a “new ticket” screen for the call.

I don’t think that you can disable that at the moment, right @thorsteneckel?
I’ve checked the settings seeds with don’t seem to provide that.

Maybe there’s some magical way to do it.

Hey @martin.von.wittich - nice to hear from you again. I’m a bit confused. Could somebody please create a short video (with as much context as possible) so I can see what you mean exactly? I currently have no CTI environment available.

Hi Thorsten,

I created this short video to illustrate the issue: https://i.imgur.com/xfvDZq1.mp4

It’s probably not self-explanatory, so here is what happens:

  1. I start out in the “My tickets” view and I’ve made the window pretty small so that the overview sidebar is minimized. This has nothing to do with the issue itself, I’m just trying not to disclose any data from our production system ^^

    From then on, I’m not touching Zammad at all.

  2. I call my test hotline that feeds into Zammad’s CTI interface. Note how the “New ticket” screen pops up automatically; as I said, I haven’t touched anything in Zammad to cause this. It’s caused by the CTI interface.

After the call, the CTI screen will display my call like this:

The username martin.von.wittich originates from our Asterisk system, because our phone extensions are named after our usernames. This causes Zammad to correctly interpret that I have accepted this phonecall, and this seems to trigger this new feature to automatically open the “New ticket” screen. It’s probably been introduced with Zammad 3.1: Release | Zammad 3.1.0 (minor) and 3.0.1 (patch)

  • Smoother workflow: Now, when you answer a call, Zammad will open a New Ticket dialog with the customer’s information filled in automatically. Less clicking = more listening = happier customers.

The problem here is that our agents are rather unhappy with this new feature, as actually creating phone tickets is a rare occurrence in our department. Currently it just leads to a lot of unwanted and empty new tickets that the affected agents all have to close manually. We’ve considered to completely disable CTI, but the overview is rather useful and if possible, we’d rather disable only the “New ticket” feature :slight_smile:

@thorsteneckel this functionality was introduced with 3.1 and originally was a request by regionalhelden, if that helps for additional context. :slight_smile:

So I searched around and found the place:

I also talked to (our) Martin about it. This is the first time that we hear about this functionality being an issue so we won’t take actions for now. However, if things change we will consider adding a configuration to disable it.

Can you work with that @martin.von.wittich?

Yeah, I created a simple workaround by fiddling with our Asterisk → Zammad CTI bridge:

asterisk /opt/asterisk-zammad-cti-bridge # git diff
diff --git a/asterisk-zammad-cti-bridge b/asterisk-zammad-cti-bridge
index 89b1483..beb6765 100755
--- a/asterisk-zammad-cti-bridge
+++ b/asterisk-zammad-cti-bridge
@@ -231,6 +231,7 @@ sub cb_default
     #     Uniqueid                1545241916.41
     # }
     (my $agent = $event->{MemberName}) =~ s/^SIP\///;
+    $agent =~ s/\./ /g;
     post_zammad {
         event => "answer",
         direction => "in",

It’ll now report agent names as firstname lastname instead of firstname.lastname. Can’t automatically open new tickets if you no longer can map the Asterisk agent name to a Zammad agent name :crazy_face:

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