Creator, Customer, Access for tickets


  • Used Zammad version: This is Zammad version 3.5.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …) Docker/Kubernetes
  • Operating system: CentOS
  • Browser + version: Brave, Firefox, Chrome all the newest

Expected behavior:

  • Hello, the expected behavior is that, the creator of a ticket who types in a Customer, have access to the created Ticket. Also the agent and the customer should access the ticket.

Actual behavior:

  • Creator, cant access the ticket only the customer and the agent.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • played with permissions, but had no sucess. We have 6 Groups, which are 3 Teams, HR, IT(agents), Shared Services.

In our Case every User is an Agent for his own Group expect the IT, they have full access,

also it would be nice disabling the “create new user” button by creating a ticket from an agent. Because as in the older Thread :
we only use it for our internal staff. So every LDAP User can allready login, and dont need to create a new user. In our case customers are colleagues which aren´t in HR/IT

In the Admin by Security you can turn off registration. on the front-end (for ‘customers’) ther wil no option for registration. We have it that way, also with user imported bij LDAP

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Hey Thanks for your answer. for me it looks like this.

i allready choosed no for both options. the first disables to create users at the login page.
Lost password = no / disables that users can reset their password. (its disabled because we are using ldap)

is their an other space where i can choose that option?
Regrads sammy

Nobody able to help?

I don’t get the issue here. Usually the ticket creator is the ticket customer as well, unless you change the tickets customer or are doing something very odd. It’s probably solvable.

That’s a core functionality and makes sense actually.
98% of all Zammad instances require this functionality because you can’t always know your customer. In some rare cases this might be different, but it doesn’t affect the broad user base of Zammad.

If you have a calling user that you don’t know yet you wouldn’t be able to add a ticket for that user if you couldn’t add it.

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