Creating Groups (It Team, Management Team


  • Used Zammad version:
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …) package
  • Operating system: ubuntu
  • Browser + version:

Expected behavior:

  • Allow two standard users to login and select if the ticket is for IT or for management

Actual behavior:

  • none

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

I have made a new group and set up the users but it doesnt work. The idea to allow a standard user to login and select what department the ticket should be directed. Then the users in the Management team should be able to see those tickets but also write tickets to the IT department if they need to.

Please provide more information about your configuration (and update the requested information in your first article, please).

What’s specially interesting will be:

  • your roles or users permissions regarding the groups (depending on which approach you use)
  • which groups you see (or don’t see).

well the idea is simple to have two groups. I see the groups in zammad itself but the end user cannot select between writing tickets to IT vs management.
Also for the management team they are able to see tickets in their group but they are no longer able to see the tickets for the organization in general. As such they cannot tickets to the IT department queue.

There doesnt seem to be documentation on how to make this work. I have looked at the zammad docs quite a bit. I’d be happy to further contribute if we are able to get this to work.

Your first article still doesn’t hold any usefull information about your installation.

Anyway, I begin to see what your issue is.

First of all:
Agents currently can not be customers of other groups within the UI at the moment. This currently works as designed - however, we’d like to change that in the future.
You can find more information on that topic here, if you’re interested:

Check out the channel “Web” which is responsible for allowing to see your user to see one or more groups to select from. If the customer doesn’t see the group field at all, you might have selected a specific group.

You have two options:
Allow your management to view IT tickets if needed or at least allow them to “write” (only that one permission) to the IT group.
This allows your agents to move tickets from group to group which might make a lot of sense if a ticket got routed the wrong way for whatever reason.

More information on permission can be found here:
(That part actually is identical to the one in roles and behaves the same way)

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