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Hello Zammad Community and Moderators,

I wasn’t able to find the following feature, so I’d like to kindly ask if it would be possible to implement or maybe I was just not able to find it.

We have the following scenario: A customer, which is an Agent at the same time, creates a Ticket for another group.

For the sake of an example: An IT-Group based customer wants to open a Ticket for the Webservice-Group. Now that customer, which opened the Ticket from the IT-Group goes on vacation. The colleagues of the person who opened the ticket want to see if there is any changes in the Ticket(Everyone included in the IT-Group, the Ticket was opened for the Webservice-Group, so the rest of the IT-Group cannot access that ticket). So far I couldn’t find a feature for the schemata to show that Ticket to the whole organisation. I was thinking about something like “Created by Organisation” instead of “Created by User”, to create a new schemata which includes all tickets created by an Organisation rather than just having a single user given access to that overview.

In summary: We are looking for a way to let everyone in Organisation-1 see the tickets which were made by any user in that Organsation-1, which were forwarded to another Organisation-2 to take care of that ticket.
The schemata we are looking for is a very similar one to the “Created by me” Ticket overview. Just with the additional feature of being able to let any user from the Organisation view my created tickets for any other organisation than the one they are part of.

Maybe this can be realized via a different method, so far I couldn’t find a suitable one though.

Kind regards

Marius T.

Hey @Marius-T,

how about the shared organization feature?

Would this fit your needs?


Hello svnr-dvnkln,

no, this feature works in a different way and only works with the organisation where the ticket resides. Our problem is a different one.
We have Person 1 out of 4 from the Group IT which creates a ticket for the group Webservice, so the ticket is not within the organisation IT but within the organisation Webservice. Now - everyone from the IT Group should be able to see the ticket, which the user created. But since you can only see your own tickets you created, they can’t. Only with users from the same organisation this works, not if the tickets resides in a different organisation.
So an IT customer creates a ticket for webservice, webservice handles the request, but only the guy who created the ticket can see the answer. We would like to be able to let everyone from the organisation where it has been created be able to look into that ticket.

So basically → Instead an overview for only “My created tickets” we would need “My Organisations created tickets”
Is there maybe a different way I’m not thinking about which makes this possible already? I tried fiddling with the settings but couldn’t get it to work in the way we would need it to work.

Kind regards,

Marius T.

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