Create ticket based on To address of an email

Title: - Need Feature for creating ticket based on the to address or need option to keep the emails on server if the emails containts some specific email id in to address

Usecase environment:

  • can use this for create ticket for specific to address if we have multiple alias for the email

What is the idea or pain point:

  • tons of tickets are getting created but need to create ticket just if the to address is one particular email

Expectation (not solution):

  • able to create ticket if the email contains specific to address
  • system should not delete the email if the email cotaints particular email in to addresss

Thank you and have fun.

I think I understood your need. After reading it I wonder why you are not using server site email filtering?

In this case just filter all “wanted” email into a certain folder and this folder can get fetched from Zammad.

or in other words:

The filtering can be done on serversite, and we don’t see this as a feature inside Zammad. You could have a general E-Mail Box for all the Emails and then have a Zammad Email-Box for just the specific Mails.

Conclusion: need can get managed with server side mail filtering.