Create notifications for customers

Hey guys,

please add one of the following:

a) The possibility to create triggers which can also send online notifications (to the tickets customer) not only emails.

b) Make the personal notification settings “my tickets” include tickets where the current user, which in fact is an agent, is set as customer. This might be better split up in a distinct column though.

I want to inform internal customers (agents who create tickets for themselves) about ticket updates without sending an email.

(Offtopic: Why are triggers limited to emails anyway? It would add so much flexibility. Isn’t Zammad build to not rely on emails as main communication? Correct me if I’m wrong.)

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I love the idea in general!

Small sneak preview for you: SMS is on it’s way and will indeed be available via Trigger.
But I get what you mean in terms of twitter, Telegram and facebook. :slight_smile:

Just to clarify: I was referring to the built-in browser notifications (browser pop-ups, list of notifications accessible via the Zammad bird on the left menu, activity stream on the right panel). There are some fixed auto generated messages but we are not allowed to customize them or add/change the recipients.


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