Create new User from E-Mail (Firstname)

Hello everyone,

I have a question about the automatic creation of customer accounts for new tickets via e-mail.

We use Version: 3.4.x

Here we have the problem that the e-mail address is set as first name, although in the e-mail first name and last name are given as sender. Is there a possibility that Zammad takes the values (Firstname) from the customer’s e-mail?

Thanks for your tips!


sorry, but we’d need more information.
Expecting that the mail has no reply-to-Header set and follows this name scheme:
From: Firstname Lastname <alias@domain.tld>

Everything should work as expected. Please note that Zammad will not update the user information upon new ticket creation. So if this problem occured once, you could ignore it and just update the user.

Beside of that, please note that Zammad 3.4 is outdated and prune to security issues.

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