Create new ticket as draft via API without sending

Hi all,

We want to connect Zammad to our webshop via the API.

Here we want to create a possibility to create tickets via API from orders and customer views. These tickets will then be created in Zammad as prefilled drafts, but will not be sent directly to customers yet.

Is there a possibility to create a ticket (email) where the body content, owner, recipient, group, status are already stored but can still be edited and then sent from Zammad via the agent?

The call should be done with a button, which on the one hand addresses the API (which is no problem) but on the other hand the ticket can be opened as a new tab in the browser via JavaScript.
Has anyone ever done something like this before?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


sorry… but… why??
Why would you want to bomb an agents tab bar on the left with “new ticket dialogue drafts” ?
This will, if you get a lot of orders in at once, bring very serious performance issues for your agent.

By default Zammad only provides up to 30 tabs and if you open the 31st tab, it will close the oldest one that is not a draft. But: If you have like 200 drafts, you can have the beefiest computer, your browser will drastically decrease in performance.

Honestly, you don’t want that.
Drafts within Tickets or their creation dialogues are user based, not global.
Really, I suggest against your approach - whatever the goal is.


thanks for your comment.
I believe I have formulated my request incorrectly. Let me describe it better again.

The following request:

We have a lot of orders in our store where we want to contact customers via the ticket system. For this purpose, we currently create the ticket directly via Zammad and always have to solve the customer letters using templates.

It would be much easier for us to create a ticket directly from the store via API and take some automated values from the store.
It is important that the ticket is not yet sent. After the AGENT has created the ticket from the store, he jumps to Zammad and finishes the ticket - then it will be sent.

Currently we have the problem that we can create tickets via API, but they are sent immediately.

Did I express myself more clearly?
thx for your helpf!

You could change the article type of the first article of a ticket to e.g. phone and ensure that your trigger doesn’t care about it.

Hard to tell what you’re sending to the API without payloads.
However: As I already said, I don’t suggest going down the “draft path” for already mentioned reasons.

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