Create New E-Mail Account (Exchange 2016)

Hello again,

since zammad is query my active Directory Groups and filling it with users i want to specify groups and their e-Mail accounts.

I created a group “IT” wich was successfully created.
Next i want to create an e-Mail account. I filled out the host (Exchange), the user, password and set the port to 25 (smtp).

In the portviewer i see the smtp Connection between zammad and Exchange, but the e-Mail account Symbol in zammad is turning nuts (verifying), and nothing happens.


Can someone please help me ?

Thanks Macomar

Hey @macomar,

IMAP via port 25 won’t work since this is SMTP.

Try 143 (IMAP) or 993 (IMAPS) instead. Consider that those are only the default ports, thus they can change depending on your exchange setup.


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