Create a child ticket with a macro


in our setup, we often have tickets, where customers for instance want to cancel contracts or something like that. We answer to the customer and then we close the ticket and the customer gets an info, that the ticket is closed. But sometimes there is more work in the the future to do with this ticket.

For example, customer Chris cancels his subscription to a date in the next year. When the cancelation date has reached, the agent has to some backend work on other customer systems at this date. I dont want to set this ticket to “wait for reminder” 6 Months in the future, because the ticket stays opened all the time, and then when the agent has done all his work and closes the ticket, the customer gets an info, that his request has been finished.

So i want to ask, if it is possible, to generate a child ticket with a specific reminder date only for the agent via a macro or something like that? The agent has a macro “Close ticket”, which enables the auto closing and notifying process and i want to append the child ticket functionality there.