Core Workflows - Agent - Only show completed fields

I have setup numerous Core Workflows which I intended to use as a detailed step by step guide for customers to create their own detailed ‘Requests’.

For example:

Ticket Type = Request
Required For? = Myself
Application Access = Dummy App - Access Level 2
Does the app need installing/a shortcut providing? = No

It seems you cannot set the ‘description’ field of any ticket to ‘not required/not mandatory’. With trying to use Core Workflows like I am, there would be no need for the description field, and thus customers would need to type something in for the ticket to be submitable.

On the agent side of things, the selections made by the customer from the ticket Core Workflows are only visible if we have set every single one of the custom objects as ‘visible’ in the edit section. This means there could be 10’s, or at some stage, 100’s of object fields on the right hand side of the agent ticket view. Many of which could be entirely irrelevant/not used in any particular set of workflows. They would display as an empty selection, alongside ones that were used by the customer as part of the workflow.

The ideal situation might be that there is another ‘view’ tickbox (alias ‘description’?) for objects whereby if a core workflow is used with a said object, the object name and customer completed field would appear as free text within the ‘description’.

I’m open to any thoughts on this :slight_smile:

Ok, follow up here. I’ve been on a webinar and found out you can actually hide non-completed fields. You need to create a top priority core workflow where by for each custom field created, you set them all to ‘hide’. So by default no show… but of course, the other core workflows all work as desired and ‘unhide’ custom fields when used.