Core Workflow - conditional objects - little clarification question

mine is a simple clarification question.

I’m using the latest Zammad version with the new workflow feature (and wow, it’s a game changer, thanks a lot for the fantastic work!!).

It is my understanding that with this new tool i’m able to “show/hide” options inside visible fields in the ticket creation mask customer-side but it’s not possible to show/hide fields all together (which is what i’m trying to achieve) .

I have the field “Building” with the options “Building A, B, C, Remote working”
I have the field “Floor” with the options “1, 2, 3, 4”
If my customer select “Building > Building A” i can set a workflow saying that “Floor” will only display "1, 2).
But i can’t use workflows to say:
If my customer select “Building > Remote Working” then hide the “Floor” field.
Which is what i’d be intered in.

Am i correct?
I’m not sure if i’ve explained myself correctly

Thanks again,

That’s perfectly possible.
Set fixed to would be such an option as example.


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