Context in phrase translations

There is quite a few dictionary in Zammad, it may be translated in 1-2 days.
But there is no context on translation page.
The context is important to translate close to original.
The context may be under the input form, it may, for example say where this phrase is used “form on Settings/Email/…” or something like that.
For example “You are an |%s|.”, how to translate? I got only one idea:)


good point.
At the moment it you could do two things:

  • use inline translation (you can’t get closer to the context :slight_smile: )
  • looking inside the code for the string

The above actually lifes within the Karma module which is not yet official available.
It tells you your karma level - e.g.:

  • You are an Beginner
  • You are an Expert
  • You are an Master

I hope this helps you at least a bit.

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