Connect to several ldap server

Hello, we have three domain controllers and we would like to synchronize the users of all three controllers on the same instance of Zammad. Is that possible?

while i currently don’t run ldap, so cannot help you much. But have you looked into the openldap meta/proxy feature; slapd-meta.
It allows you to connect to several ldap backends based on a query, and expose at as a single ldap instance

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Thank you very much. I will read the documentations about openladap meta/proxy feature, it seems very intresting and problably it can fit my needs.

Did you manage to configure slapd.meta ? I am experiencing some problems with zammad not syncing all users from slapd-meta-proxy. If i ran a ldapsearch a get 2500 users in result, if i sync with zammad i retrieve 380 users. thankyou