Connect multiple mailboxes

  • Used Zammad version: 6.2.0

I’ve connected a second Microsoft 365 mailbox to Zammad. My goal is that when I send an email to this mailbox, I would like a ticket to be created with the contents of the email. How can I achieve this?
thank you in advance!

(6.2? Didn’t think that was released yet)

I’m not sure what you are asking for.

You connected a mailbox to Zammad for Zammad to monitor that particular inbox. It should create a ticket when an email comes in, and that ticket should be the contents of that email. There shouldn’t be any further action for you.

Perhaps a little more detail would help.

6.2 is alpha (develop) right now.

We are planning to move to Zammad in order to optimize our work processes. Each department has its own mailbox where both external and internal employees, as well as customers, can receive messages. Our email infrastructure is based on Microsoft 365.
Zammad Version 6.2.0-alpha-1699341466.e7765842.jammy
Suppose I am a customer and have sent a message to the address Our goal is for Zammad to automatically create a ticket for the respective department or group as soon as the email arrives in the mailbox. This allows our colleagues to work seamlessly in Zammad instead of constantly switching back and forth between Outlook and Zammad."

You should be able to utilize email filters to achieve this.

Look at using ‘To’ matching.

You’ll want to add a filter similar for each mailbox you are monitoring, and assign to respective group. That should achieve what you want.