Configurable Microsoft 365 api endpoint + scope

It is great that single tenant support is on its way in version 4.1. I think one more way to improve usability of the Microsoft 365 channels is to make the api endpoint + scopes configurable so that both graph- and outlook apis can be used.

Endpoint and scopes that are beeing used today in zammad are hard coded to the outlook api: offline_access openid profile email

However some users may be required to connect via the graph api instead, according to
this comparison

The scope would then instead be something like: offline_access openid profile email

And the endpoint would be: + tenant id or common

Probably isnt much code needed for this feature since (according to the link above): “Microsoft Graph v1.0 matches Outlook v2.0”

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We try to keep UI and settings as clean as possible.
Your suggested functionality would add quite some overhead and potentially even dangerous settings.
Dangerous as in people taking arrows in their knees.

Right now I can’t see a situation where our current scopes don’t work.
Maybe I just don’t see the scope possibly.

Nothing new that Microsoft keeps shooting young things down fast.

Im not saying that the scopes should be completely configurable. The only thing that is needed to be configurable is a switch between and in both API endpoint and scope domain. In above example everything is the same other than the desired microsoft API.

I would be surprised if such config parameter would have a major effect on the zammad source code.

The use case is that some Microsoft 365 tenants only use the graph API and have completely disabled the outlook API.

We’re aiming at high percentages on our user base when it comes to developments for the core.
As you point out “might/may” sounds like a very small percentile.

I’m not saying your request is not valuable (it is!), I just want to say that the chance of this coming is because of the above very low.

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