Commenting & View Count Knowledgbase

Title: <Add information to Knowledgebase: visible view Count & comment function for external users>

  1. i would like to see in the knowledgebase how many users have already read the different articles. in addition, the feature is to be added that external users (VIP) can actively comment on the knowledgebase if they have a Zammad login.
  2. in daily business. our clients often have helpful tips and comments in addition to the FAQ articles
  3. There is currently no comment function for external users and no viewcounts
  4. a small viewcount number displayed in the footer of the article and a comment button

Your Zammad environment: Hosted version

  • Average concurrent agent count: 20
  • Average tickets a day: 25
  • What roles/people are involved: external users with VIP access to knowledgebase, agents, admins

Any help would be much appreciated.


I support any view count / analytics functionality added to the kb as well