Commands in the rails console


This page describes some of the commands that can be used in the rails command. But is there a list somewhere of all the possible commands? Or can I find this somewhere in the source code?

I am interested in the settings that can be set through rails console like for example the email accounts, macros etc.


good question, i was wondering the same thing. It seems lot’s can be done with the console, but it seems a deep understanding of de source code is required.
only i think your link is wrong, and should point to; Console — Zammad documentation

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Hi @ecomsilio

your link to the commands page is looping back to your original post…


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You’re right Olaf. I put the wrong link in the thread. Your link is the correct one. For everyone else: If you scroll down to Console — Zammad documentation you will find a lot of examples. But I guess a lot more is possible.

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Console commands just like the API are a huge rabbit hole.
If you have an understanding of the main Objects and understood the basic definitiions like e.g. update you’re actually able to go quite far.

However - especially the console is a dangerous place where one can not just do a lot nice things, but also destroy another ton. Writing a documentation for all commands and also saving people from fucking up (sorry) currently is absolutely out of scope.

We’re adding more and more commands that we find useful and -usually- not harmful.
Usually the API and Web-App should be the way to go if possible.

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