[CLOSED] Zammad trouble with account

Hi, i have configured Zammad with Gmail OAuth and I put my account personal and login right but when i push the botton in any device login my account. How can make that at user login with the own user.

Hi @klausneil

if your authentication backend is Google OAuth and you can access, then things are working properly.
All other users will be able to authenticate with their own accounts as well.

However, if this is not the desired behavior, perhaps you need to change the backend to, say, LDAP or anything else where your users are managed…

… or it might be that I don’t understand your issue completely…


Hi @rsysadmin thanks for your response but i thinked that at user has that put your account of gmail and this create a user, is this correct?

The available sessions of your google account(s) will decide which account is used for single login.
If that’s not what you’re talking about, please provide a more detailed description on what you’re doing, what’s happening and what you expect that should happen.

Thanks for the information, i cleaned the cache of my browser and i can use my own account for login with gmail, this is all.

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