[CLOSED] ZAMMAD Shortcut keyboard

Hi somebody can tell me how work the command for “Add a link from URL” i try press shit + ctrl and 3 time the shortcut keyboard “.” but not appear nothing

Yeah those three shortcuts don’t really work in a useful way but I think you misunderstood what they are supposed to do. They are supposed to add specific properties of currently displayed objects to your clipboard so that you can paste them elsewhere. This is not for inserting links into a ticket.
You can try this to see what they are supposed to do: open a ticket, press CTRL+SHIFT+. and then switch to notepad and press CTRL+V. You should get the ticketnumber of the ticket you just viewed. Pressing the . twice or three times doesn’t work however with tickets but in other situations. I don’t really see the usefulness of these shortcuts but maybe others do.

Hi @awedor thanks for you response, well this is very rare cause when i use this commads for create or response inside a ticket work but depend of the browser, for example if i try use the option “insert a horizontal line” in Google dont work but if i put the same command (CRT+SHIFT+z) in Opera Browser appearme the horizontal line; i need insert a url inside of a word by example if a customer push a click on the word “link” automactly redirected to URL.

As I said: that’s not what this keyboard shortcut is meant for. What you want is currently not possible until the Zammad team integrates a proper texteditor.

You have two options: just paste the whole link into the answer, it will be automatically clickable for the recipient, or create the link in MS Word and copy & paste into Zammad.
If you have the same link that you want to send multiple times to people you can use the copy paste method and make a text module with the link.

@awedor Thanks for you help. I’ll wait that this can be fixed.

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