Closed tickets view limited to 100 on user's profile

Hi folks,

Used Zammad version: 5.4.0
Used Zammad installation type: package
Operating system: CentOS 7
Browser + version: Firefox 115.0.2

Expected behavior:

On users’s profiles, we have “open tickets” and “closed tickets” below users’s infos.
We have to see the real number of closed ticket (ex : closed tickets (147) ).

Actual behavior:

The number of closed tickets is limited to 100 (and maybe the open tickets, can’t verify that).
Tested on many users.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Go on user’s profile that have more than 100 closed tickets.

Thanks !

While this may be an issue for you, this is actually behaving the way it was designed to behave. This has performance reasons.

What is the actual issue with that behavior?
Why do you need an exact number of closed tickets of the user? What’s the goal?

I understand this choice for performance reasons, like best practices with overviews number to display :slight_smile:

Our issue is : some types of agents have to search tickets by owners, so they go on user’s profiles and see tickets here.
This type of agent have very restricted rights and can’t make specific overview or report profiles.

We don’t need an exact number of closed ticket by user, we need all ticket a user made on his profile.
For performance issues, maybe we can have a toggle on the profile to display all tickets of user, but limited to 10 last tickets with the toggle off (by default).