Clean / Delete Zammad?


First thing !
I DO love Zammad…but want to reinstall with clear step because I tried to install with trial and error techniques :flushed:

  • Used Zammad version: 3.0.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: Cent OS install via RPM
  • Operating system: Cent OS 7
  • Browser + version: Google Chrome 75.0.3770.100

Expected behavior:

  • yum remove Zammad and everything gone exactly clean…

Actual behavior:

  • systemctl stop zammad
  • yum remove zammad
  • navigate to /opt/ then exec rm -rf zammad
    shouldn’t everything gone now…?
  • download zammad folder back again from git
  • systemctl start zammad
  • systemctl start zammad-web
  • systemctl start zammad-websocket
  • systemctl start zammad-worker
    ta-daa~ :tada:
    all users, settings and tickets come back…
    What else did I skipped to do ?
    With Respect

Hey @nangi158,

wild guess: i think you need to drop your database if you really want to remove everything related to zammad.


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Hi @dvnkln

I’d followed these instruction and it works!
But now the last question is can I reset Zammad back to the step we setting up an admin at the beginning ?
or may be great if we have the command for truly drop all the table.
Thanks for the help
With Respect

The instruction you followed just “emptys” zammad kind of. Dropping the whole database is probably the only way to get rid of everything.

Dropping a database is not a zammad-specific task.
The syntax depends on the database software you’re using and the way you set it up thus i can’t help you with that. But google will probably be enough to get this done. Just search for a way to drop a database in your used software environment.


Another side note:
If you really want to get rid of everything of Zammad, you might want to delete /opt/zammad beside dropping the database as well.

Reason is that we don’t kill that directory on removal.
It can contain attachments and temporary files as well.

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duuuuuuh, he already did that:


Shame on me


i founded one !
it’s about rake db:drop

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