Classification of a complete ticket as internal (private) or external (public) - Invisibility mode of sensitive tickets for customers

How Zammad is used:
The Zammad is used for the entire company and there is one user group per department (Support, Finance, Sales, Pre-Sales, Product Support, Partner Support, Management, HR, IT, Development, Delivery). Zammad is used for internal tickets between departments, for internal tasks related to customers and for communication to and from customers.

Channels for Customers: Web portal and emails

Problem Description:
Depending on the department and the task, it happens that an “INTERNAL TICKET” is created and the agent enters the customer instead of himself in order not to lose the connection with the customer, for later evaluations, handovers to colleagues and departments and an easy handling. So there is the possibility to filter by a customer and to see all tickets that concern the customer.

If an employee creates an INTERNAL TICKET, which is about a sensitive topic e.g. software bug, financial topics or that is discussed internally about a customer and he has entered the customer himself as a customer, then the customer can view the ticket on the web and also open it via the link should he have it. VERY DANGEROUS!!!

It is possible that in the view the ticket is not listed, but as soon as the customer searches in the search with “*” or gets to the ticket link, he can still see the ticket or at least the subject.

Suggestion for improvement:
It would be a super feature if you can classify a ticket as PUBLIC or INTERNAL (Private or Invisible). As soon as the ticket has been classified INTERNAL at creation or later, this is only visible for agents or the INTERNAL organization.

With this feature, the Customer field can be used and it is guaranteed that the customer will not get sensitive information that may annoy him.