Check_MK (CheckMK) Integration - how should it work


  • Used Zammad version: 3.1.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: rpm
  • Operating system: ubuntu 18.04
  • Browser + version: FF latest

Expected behavior:

  • CheckMK sends mail notifications. eg:
    Notification 1 - Subject: Check_MK: - UP → DOWN
    Notification 2 - Subject: Check_MK: - DOWN → UP

It should close both tickets imho.

Actual behavior:

  • It just does nothing :slight_smile:

I set the group in the integration settings to “Monitoring”, Autoclose on “Yes” and Autoclose Status to “closed”.
The mails get the group “Monitoring” by a trigger (From:).

Did I missunderstand the function? Did I just made a mistake? Is this a bug?

Maybe a side questions: I see a lot of [prioritized by payment] tags in the GIT Issues. How to do that if I want to support specific requests? I cant find anything about it.

I’m not sure what type the above mentioned monitor is.
I suspect that it’s a host and not a service.

If so, you’re affected by this*:

Actually not a bug but -at the moment- out of scope of the integration.

Maybe you’re also having issues with follow ups - that’s what I suspect from “It should close both tickets imho.” (while it should be one, ergo: follow up issue):

priotized by payment tags and priotizes issues from paying customers. This is one of the perks for having a contract with us. :wink:

However, you can -at any time- contact our sales team if you want to priotize a feature or bug even more. Please note that I can’t tell you the costs for this at the moment, but the option is there if needed.

I hope I could light that up a bit :slight_smile:

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