Chat window - Jquery conflict


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Expected behavior:

  • Chat window appear on website

Actual behavior:

  • No chat window appear due to conflict jquery

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • My website is:
  • It use jquery1.12.4 for a lot of plugin
  • When i add zammad chat, the chat window won’t appear
  • When i add zammad chat (included the jquery 2.1.4), the chat window appear but all my plugin won’t appear its content

Do you know how to solve it?
Thank you very much

I would suggest you try the solution from this post here:


I’ve used it. Yes it isn’t conflict anymore, but jquery i wrapped is not working too.

Anyway, I updated the old jquery to version 2.1.4 (like in zammad chat) and it works fine now.

Thank you for your help.
Best Regards

The lovely @mrflix is working on a non-jQuery implementation :heart_eyes: But I don’t know the current state of it. Maybe he can help?

Sounds like upgrading the old jquery of the website fixed the issue?

Regarding the jQuery-free version of chat.js – its in a testing phase.


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