Changing system name in notifications

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I wondered if it was somehow possible to change the name of actions being taken by the system (for example automatically closing a ticket after the pending closing time has been reached) in the notifications or in general, since β€˜-’ is not really a descriptive name of something Zammad did.



We just had the same question. I guess it would be possible to change the field firstname for the user id 1 in the sql database, table: users, but I don’t know if it has any side effects. Because our setup is already live, I do not want to try it and risk any data corruptions. Can somebody from Zammad say if this is safe to do?


We are having the same issue while using triggers…

See: Spam of Update by "-" - #3 by AStatler

Please advise whether a change in the db is production safe.

Thank you

Oh, I was not even aware this system user was an actual user.
Visiting /#user/profile/1 reveals the β€œ-” user, and editing the name does seem to do the trick.
(I used a zero-width space as the last name)

I don’t know if this has any ill effects, but I would be surprised if it did.


We changed the name of the system user today. Your idea to do it on the web ui is nice :slight_smile:
One side effect we have discovered is that unassigned tickets in the overview show the name of the system user now. But if you open the ticket, it still shows β€˜-’ as owner.

Please see my remarks on this post Spam of Update by "-" - #5 by MrGeneration to that topic.

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