Changing Microsoft 365 Mail-Account does not work


the domain of our mail addresses have changed, so I need to re-authenticate the Microsoft 365 accounts. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Here is the error message.

Deleting the account in Zammad and recreating it is not an option, as the tickets will then lose the association.

Re-add accounts works.

I have the version 6.0.0. In version 5.x it still worked because we changed our mail earlier on the way.

Do you have any idea?

Hi @Phillip

Could you explain this to me, please?

I had set up a test mailbox with which I tried the domain change.
I deleted the account with the old mail address in Zammad and then added it with the new address and assigned it to the group. The tickets are not deleted but you can no longer reply to them.

I need to reproduce this on my local system. Stay stuned.


That’s because you simply have to re-add the email address to the affected groups.
This has always been this way (in the regard of readding or adding email accounts)

@Phillip for me it’s working fine by deleting the M365 channel, as @MrGeneration already mentioned, it’s needed to set the newly created M365 channel in the group again and after opening a ticket that was created with the deleted channel, I can reply without any issue.

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