Change the email address where Zammad System Notifications are sent to

Used Zammad version: 3.6
Used Zammad installation source: Zammad Debian/Ubuntu .deb package
Operating system: Ubuntu 18/04 LTS
Browser + version: Edgium 89

Expected behavior:

To be able to find where the config is stored for system notifications (specifically new ticket notifications). Was able to find the templates, however they do not store the email address locally, that seems to be stored elsewhere.
Currently my team has set the email address (I am assuming during setup for testing) to We would like to change this to a different address.

Actual behavior:

We have changed the email addresses in the front-end of the system to the necessary email address and see that the notifications are being sent from the correct address, which is perfect. The issue is that these notifications are being sent to the wrong address, which is what we need to change. If someone could very kindly point me to the correct piece of config that needs to be updated, I would owe you a beer :slight_smile:

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Changed front-end config for notifications. System notifications are being sent from the correct address, to the wrong email address.
Looked for all config possible, can not see it.
Looked at docs, may have missed it but doesn’t seem to be present in the docs.

TIA, all the best, stay safe,

Sorry but I can’t follow.
System notifications are sent to agent email addresses, so what do you mean by “wrong email address”?

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