Change the email address of a customer

Sometimes, people get new email addresses. For example, when they get married, their name might change.
So lets says my customer used to have an email address like

and this changes to

In an ideal world, I’d change the email address within zammad so that

  • the customer can do a login with the new email address
  • the customer gets all the emails delivered to the new email address
  • incoming mails from the new email address get linked to the customer

Is this a valid use case? Is this a general purpose feature? Any chance the get it?

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Would be important that there is a proper notification of the User.
Even better would be if the Login work for the old address but the user get redirected to a notification that login with the old address is no longer possible. (in our case a login sometime is used by several people, so a login error should be explained proper)


you can change the E-Mail-Address of the user within the interface any time.
But: The login name is different from the E-Mail-Address.

You can change that on console:

(Personally I don’t think that’s a bad thing, because normally a name of a person doesn’t change too often).

edit When I was testing this feature on a hosted develop instance, I noticed that Zammad changes the Login name accordingly to the changed E-Mail-Address.

To your notification / proper error message point:
I personally don’t think that Zammad needs to notify the user about the change as:

  • normally the user comes to the admin / agent and requests such a change (and thus knows that something is being changed)
  • on a LDAP synch, this will change naturally so I think that the user expects his new login to work
  • if a customer requests a name change to an agent, normally the agent should notify the customer, when he changed the E-Mail-Address

I might be wrong in the above points.

Regarding the error message: This would require Zammad to store at least the last E-Mail-Address before the change. I personally don’t like this. Plus, a login system NEVER should share something different than “wrong username and/or password”, as people trying logins might get clues (that’s a bad thing).

That’s just my 2 cents to the topic :slight_smile: