Change State and Tickettitel for Internetcalendar

Version: 2.8.x

Hi there
Is it possible to change the order of the text in InternetCalendar for the Tickets.
Now: “State” + “Tickettitle”
Later: “Tickettitel” + “State”


I’ve found it:

1: event_data[:summary] = "’#{ticket.title}’ #{translated_state} #{translated_ticket}: "
2: event_data[:summary] = "’#{ticket.title}’ #{customer}: #{ticket.customer.longname} #{translated_state} #{translated_ticket}: "
3: event_data[:summary] = "’#{ticket.title}’ #{customer}: #{ticket.customer.longname} #{translated_ticket_escalation}: "

You need write Permission to update it. Till now i didnt try the changes, but soon…

Please note that you seem to run an outdated Zammad version which might be vulnerable:

Please also note that manual file changes are not update safe, thus when updating Zammad, these changes will be lost.

Hi MrGeneration

Thank you for your answer. I am aware of that. Unfortunately, my changes have no success. would you have a suggestion?

Is it to be expected that zammad will provide an adjustment option with an update?


Did you restart Zammad? If not, you should. :slight_smile:

I’m not aware of any plans regarding this at the moment.

You are a wise man MrGeneration👍

At least I try :smiley:

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