Change place Firstname/Lastname to Lastname/ Firstname

Hi! It will be greate if in Zammad it will be possible to change position of the “last name” “first name” in dropwon field. For now it is so inconvenient to find somebody from the list. Because of what you want to find somebody in the list of 1000 people you start typing the first letters of the person name. And for now first name is the first. And when we start typing first letters Zammad find the names starts from those letters. But it doesn’t make sense becouse the names are not unique. I can have 20 Johns for example or 30 Bill in my list. And finding the first letters of the name of the person give me nothing. But last name is almost unique in 99.9 %. And if system will find you the first letters of last name you type it will be bull’s-eye all the time.

So maybe just lets user to choose what will be the first “lastname” or “firstname”…

That request doesn’t make any sense with your argumentation.
Did you know that Zammad uses a full text search? You could simply type the last name of a user to solve your issue.

Also firstname and lastname are always displayed together so technically it wouldn’t really change anything. You should have a look at the documentations which can answer a lot of your questions you are asking on here already.

This request does make a lot of sense. Otherwise I wouldn’t have left this request.
Perhaps I’ m not making myself clear here. I attached some gif video example of what I mean. I know that there is full text search in Zammad. I told not about searching in main search panel I told about searching in the list of names inside the field of the ticket… just check the video I attached please