Change customer on entrys forwarded by

Imported from GitHub.

Expected behavior:

I would like to be able to change the customer of an entry added by email.
Like its possible for the ticket itself.
the ticket would be more readable if the source could be associated to the customer, and not the forwarder.

Actual behavior:

forwarded (customer) mails to the ticket looks like its an input from myself.
If you reply on such an entry the own mail adress is suggested.
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

create ticket
forward an email to this ticket


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Hello Jensie,

we are currently going through all accumulated feature requests to build up a pool of refined material that we can pick from in the future.

Currently, there is no bounce feature planned in Zammad. From our experience, bouncing mails is not so widespread anymore and has the potential to create more complexity and thus confusion for the user.

For changing the customer at article level, we see two disadvantages. Firstly, it could also lead to confusion and false positives, secondly it would open up the possibility to “fake” the customer for the article.

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