Can Zammad work with PowerBI

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We use Zammad quite extensively, but we need better reporting, the main part that we need is how the ticket was resolved and that must form part of the report. We thought Power BI can help with this, but can Power BI work with Zammad or is there another way you would do this?


This may not be the solution you are working for. We use PowerBI for reporting on our tickets although we don’t integrate with Zammad. We pull from the Zammad database and feed that information into PowerBI for reporting.

Also, when tickets are closed we add a keyword to signify that that the ticket is closed and follow that keyword with an explanation of the resolution.

Thank you so much, got it working as you suggested. Clients very happy with reports

Yes, the Zammad APIs work very well in PowerBi, including with automatic updates.

I use it without the need to connect to the database, just using the API and token.

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The auto-update requires a login, which one did you use for this?

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