Can not delete smtp email setting


  • Used Zammad version: latest
  • Used Zammad installation type:package
  • Operating system: debian
  • Browser + version: latest firefox and edge

Expected behavior:

Send mail via microsoft channel

Actual behavior:

Tries to send via email smtp setting

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

I can not remove the email smtp channel an idea how to remove it as it doe not have a big red button to delete it.

I am absolutely unable to follow you here sorry.
Are you perhabs talking about the “notificiation channel”?

If that’s the case please have a look at the documentation:

It’s also being asked several times in the last month already.

Sorry i will try better.
I have set up a microsoft365 channel and it is registered and collecting emails however it will not send emails using the same channel. I think its defaulting to the email smtp settings to send mail which will not work as its not 0auth. I assumed if the 365 channel is working then it would use that by default to send and receive emails.

Check your group configuration.
Each group independently tells Zammad what channel to use.


Ok this has got a bit weird, the Microsoft imap client is working, pulling emails from the server through the channel (OAUTH as it only works with this), however the SMTP part of the channel fails complaining the incorrect user name or password was used. I have checked the Graph permissions and they are authorised for SMTP.send. I will reauthenticate and see it that helps.

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