Can I add my own tiles to the dashboard?


  • I Use Zammad version: 3.6.x

In the dashboard I see six tiles for my statistics. Can I add my own tiles here?
If so, what do I have to do? Are there any instructions?

Thank you for your answers

Hello @AnnemarieBecher

do you mean this?

If not, can you please post a screenshot of the section you mean?


I think he means this:

edititing would be very helpful. My Employees tried to click on “escalated tickets” and other fields and wonder why nothing happened.

Yes, I mean this!

But this view is only for Agents not for customer, is this right?

Yes @AnnemarieBecher, this view is only for Agents, AFAIK.
None of our Clients/Users have that view when they log in to Zammad.


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And there is no way to make available a view to the customer?

Or to put it another way, is there a way to provide all customers with the same information?
Maybe switch a ticket to all customers?

The Dashboard is for agents only and not available for customers.
Changing this would require code changes.

You’re theoretically prune to providing sensible information to the customer if you do so. Be careful.

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