Calendar for each agent

in our old ticket system, we used a calendar function to set scheduled appointments for agents, that are linked to tickets.
For example in the ticket “Installation of software XYZ” you can enter a comment, for when the installation is scheduled, time needed for the installation and which agent is going to do it.
This way it’s easy to get an overview of the schedule of each agent and see who is free on a specific date.

Is this already possible in zammad or if not, are there plans to introduce such a feature?


this is currently not possible and as far as I’m aware not on our list.

Actually it would be enough, to add start time when entering a time unit for time accounting. If it’s in the past, it accounts for the time already spent, if it’s in the future, it can act as schedule for the agent.

Would it be possible to add such a start time value to time accountings (or make it possible to dynamicly add attributes to ticket articles or time accountings just like for the ticket objects)?

Sorry but I think this would require a rework on time accounting and I’m not sure if this is a too good idea if the rest of the users is happy with the way it works. =X

Edit: We could offer a custom development though, if that’d be interesting for you?

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