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The merging functionality ist great as it is, with its copying of messages and merging them into the main ticket. But sometimes, when customers send multiple emails without replying to answers, we need to merge multiple tickets at once. Or maybe if different users mail the same problem at the same time. We we’re able to create a macro that changes the state of all selected to merged, but does not copy the articles from the tickets into a main ticket. And regular merging only works with one ticket at a time.
The process of merging already works, it only needs an option for multi selecting tickets.


There actually is already an enhancement issue on github on this:

Which is closed without any feedback.

So is this feature planned? Any alternatives like API or Triggers or Jobs?

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No, it’s not.
We just limited conversation to contributors only, to reduce “me too”, “I need this!!!11eleven” on the issue (so mainly noise) :slight_smile: .

We have this in our feature backlog, there’s no ETA for this.
Technically you can’t bulk merge via API but you could merge severals at once by API (step by step).
Not sure why you would want to merge tickets via Triggers or Schedulers, but this is obviosuly not possible (and proberbly never will be).

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I could think of a great use case: Monitoring. If a customer’s server/computer/network device sends an e-mail with an alert to our Zammad, I’d love if that ‘everything back to normal’ follow-up e-mail would automatically be merged into the ‘alert ticket’…

But isn’t that “follow up” instead of merging? :-X

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Sure, but:

I know that this thread primarily is about bulk merging from the overview—but I was referring to your quote (as quoted in my first reply):

my bad, didn’t really realize that. Sorry :slight_smile:

Thats already implemented for some monitoring solutions like nagios and forks.

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